König, Draught Pilsener Brand

König, Draught Pilsener


Regular 0.25l
Medium 0.4l
Large 0.5l

HH-$ 39/NH-$49
HH-$ 55/NH-$75
HH-$ 69/NH-$89

Regular 0.25l – HH-$ 39/NH-$49
Medium 0.4l – HH-$ 55/NH-$75
Large 0.5l – HH-$ 69/NH-$89

Plus 10% Service Charge
NH – Non Happy Hour/ HH – Happy Hour 

König Pilsener – Beer Royality

The best barley, the finest hops, the purest water, and special König yeast – nothing more, nothing less. Using their extensive experience, the master brewers passionately transform these ingredients into König Pilsener.

To ensure the highest quality, the entire brewing process is closely overseen by them using state-of-the-art technology. This love of detail, as well as the hard work of the brewery staff, make König Pilsener one of the best beers produced using the pilsner brewing method. What a moment. What a beer!

Hops 60%
Malt 40%
Color 100%
Fruit 40%


A well-balanced pilsner with an intense flavour.


Radiant golden yellow in colour, with a lasting white foam head with extra-fine bubbles.


Fruity, flowery and sweet toasted aromas, with notes of yellow apples, white bread, sweet cereal and blossoming mountain herbs.


Light and elegant effervescence, with a malty sweetness and pleasant aftertaste of herbs.


water, barley malt, hops

Beer Variety

full beer

brewing method



4,9 % vol

original wort

11,3 %

energy/100 ml

170 kJ/40 kcal

fat/100 ml

0 g

of which saturated fatty acids/100 ml

0 g

100 ml

2,3 g

of which sugars/
100 ml

0 g

100 ml

0 g

100 ml

0 g

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